Special structures

Special structures according to your needs from several different materials. Here are just a few examples – whatever your needs are, get in touch so we can see how we can be of help.

  • Hoods, covers, protective cases,..

  • Filters, grates,..

Processor hoods

  • Material FRP
  • Application: paper industry

Water filters (sand filters)

  • Pressure filter according to DIN 19643, operating pressure max 250kPa (2.5bar)
  • Several different sizes, ø1000-4000mm
  • 1200 / 1500mm for mass layers (sand)
  • Fully equipped (e.g. manholes, sight glasses, stand) and connections (quantities, directions, dimensions) according to the customer’s needs
  • Applications: swimming pools, spas and water treatment facilities

Pickling line covers

  • Material PP
  • Application: metal industry

Laboratory cabinets / fume hoods

  • Several different, tailored per customer
  • Frame mostly PP plastic
  • Corrosion-free

Radome tower structures

  • Material reinforced plastic (including beams)
  • Good and trouble-free permeability with special materials

Internal special parts of FRP tank

  • Material FRP

Washer fluid distribution pipes

  • Material PVDF

Special parts for washers

  • PP level
  • PVDF filler grid

FEP special expertise

  • FEP welding
  • this, as an example, is protection/lining for washer inlet

Gas scrubber divider

  • Material FRP

FRP wall structure with cell layer

  • A double jacket to be integrated into the tank structure, which acts as a leak detector

Lock container

  • Material PP

Industrial mufflers

  • Height 10 metres
  • ø1100/1800mm
  • Material FRP (reinforced plastic)
  • Application: paper industry
  • Several units produced