Plastic structure tailored to the needs of the application, guarantees functionality and satisfaction for decades. We make individual pieces or small series – we do plastic work from small parts to large structures.

Our special expertise is in thermoplastic and reinforced plastic industrial structures for demanding chemical conditions. Depending on the conditions of use, our products are manufactured either in reinforced plastic, thermoplastic or in a composite structure, which utilizes the best properties of the materials and achieves long-lasting solutions for various industrial applications.

Examples of industrial structures we have implemented

Tanks and containers

Chimneys, gas scrubbers and reactors

Special structures

Pipelines and ducts

Industrial baths and basins

Transportation tanks and containers


We offer services for the entire life cycle of the product.

“Muovityö Hiltunen designed two containers for storing sulphuric acid and chromic acid according to our needs.
We use a lot of metal structures at the factory, but the processes of these chemicals require a suitable material for them, so plastic containers were sourced for these purposes. The price-quality ratio of Muovityö Hiltunen’s services is in order.”

Borregaard Group