We use several raw materials with different properties in our production, and we can choose the materials to be used for each customer and project, thus ensuring sustainable and long-term solutions. Muovityö Hiltunen Oy’s special expertise include the composite structures of thermoplastic and reinforced plastic, which combine the advantages of these different materials, chemical resistance and mechanical strength, with the needs of different industries.

Sustainable products are achieved with the right materials


Thermoplastic is very resistant to chemicals, has a long service life and good wear resistance.

Reinforced plastic

Reinforced plastic is a composite material with a structure-strengthening reinforcement and plastic that bind the fibres together.

Composite structure

Composite structures combine the advantages of thermoplastics with the mechanical strength of reinforcing plastics.

Manufacturing methods

Versatile and constantly developed manufacturing methods

“The cooperation has been good. We could rely on the know-how of Muovityö when choosing the raw materials for the products to be procured. We have been satisfied with the quality of the products and the functionality of the structures. We have received a service person from Muovityö Hiltunen for maintenance needs
whenever contact has been made. The price-quality ratio of Muovityö Hiltunen’s products has been right and the services are in order. The services have been sourced from the same supplier and the cooperation has been straightforward from the start. A positive thing is also the fact that Muovityö
is also interested in trying new, “more exotic” structures and production methods.”

Ekokem Oy Ab, Riihimäki