Manufacturing methods

Experience and knowledge accumulated since 1969 in various industries and needs is the basis of our operations. We operate in accordance with our quality system and continuously develop our manufacturing methods and production technology.

Our knowledgeable and professional personnel has up-to-date lamination and welding qualifications in accordance with the standards. As well as, of course, occupational safety, first aid and fire work licenses. We cooperate a lot with inspection bodies and research institutes.

We work e.g. in accordance with the following standards:

  • EN-13121
  • EN-12573
  • SFS 5899
  • EN-13067
  • Stress calculation and analysis (FEM)
  • AD-Merkblatt N1, BS 4994

We operate in state-of-the-art 3700m² facilities using modern and efficient equipment technology, such as..

  • winding machines up to ø7000mm

  • sheet butt welding 40/5000mm

  • CNC knife cutting 1700mm x 15000mm

  • water jet cutting 1500 x 3000mm

  • thermoforming furnaces even for pieces with a diameter of 6000mm

Welding of Halar/ECTFE

“The cooperation has been good. We could rely on the know-how of Muovityö when choosing the raw materials for the products to be procured. We have been satisfied with the quality of the products and the functionality of the structures. We have received a service person from Muovityö Hiltunen for maintenance needs whenever contact has been made. The price-quality ratio of Muovityö Hiltunen’s products has been right and the services are in order. The services have been sourced from the same supplier and the cooperation has been straightforward from the beginning. A positive thing is also the fact that Muovityö is also interested in trying new, “more exotic” structures and production methods.”

Ekokem Oy Ab, Riihimäki