Composite structure

Composite structures combine the advantages of thermoplastics with the mechanical strength of reinforced plastics, resulting in sustainable, long-lasting solutions for a variety of industrial applications.

We use efficient methods of manufacturing composite structures. Efforts have been made to minimize manual work, mould costs and material loss. Thus, the product has become competitive with other solutions.

Thanks to the thermoplastic, the composite structures have a clean and smooth, high-quality corrosion surface. The thickness of the thermoplastic coating is 2–6 mm.

Thermoplastic is selected according to the requirements of the process and the chemicals used.


Tanks, containers, pipes, chimneys, pressure vessels, reactors, coatings

Benefits of thermoplastics

  • Very good chemical resistance

  • Long service life

  • Clean and smooth surface

  • Good wear resistance

  • Easy to clean

  • Dirt repellent

  • Food grade

  • Recyclable

  • Versatility

Benefits of reinforced plastic

  • Very good chemical resistance of the structure

  • Good strength and stiffness properties

  • Extensive design possibilities

  • Can be used to produce different sizes of structures

  • Extensive opportunities to direct and target strength properties